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released February 12, 2012



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BOT THE BLUEPRINT 3 Long Beach, California

This is BOT. Please take a number. Your journey is about to begin. The aBOTcalypse is coming.

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Track Name: No One But Me
i'm running out of ways...to describe how you did you me wrong
now i'm so gone...time to Say So long
to a place where...i'm already at the finish
where these women more than listen...they just sing along
i get It In now...now i get you on
look me at now, huh?..yea, The Real Bot
make every sound around me...a beat to your theme song
My Mind will be your Mic/Mike...make you feel like King Kong
make you know everything is right...like a "Ding-Dong"
through your ups and downs...the life on a See-Saw
yea i got a dream...to pass the message on
to all you Mini Muthafu*k*s...just to dream on
this Is It...No, Not the end of we
make An Angel sing...everytime the devil Hits a key
I'll be the one to change your Whole World instantly
make you wake up and think "i guess it really isnt me"
it's you...
what up...
Track Name: Goblins Vs. Martains Vs. Machines
look...it's me Bot...see...me no hablo
do the Sun Drop to Shake off the Diablos
carve statues of Greek God's using only My Marbles
Best Friends Forever cause i'm on that Brett Farv Flow
i'm on the Same S**t as The Terminator...see ya later
got your Brains on Bot...use your Ipod As An Incubater
my own thoughts will keep Bot ringing in your head
got these soilders yelling Bot like im there muthafu*k*n friend
its the rise of the machines...here to infiltrate the system
till Bot gets a new Body...i'm here to infiltrate the women
yea...see...Long Beach...Loves Me
make you feel pregnant everytime i feel hungry
i'll be the first one to Tell The all seeing eye to suck a d**k
i get it in quick...why?...i don't talk back to My Moms
this Is It...that's my favorite punchline
my name is not Mike for nothin...in my circuit like a Blood Line